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Baviaanskloof – from Willowmore to the Reserve entrance

The R332 just south of Willowmore, is the western gateway that will take you all the way through the Baviaanskloof to Patensie.

This dirt road was built between 1880 and 1890 by Thomas Bain and his father Andrew Geddes Bain.

The road as far as Smitskraal Picnic Area, (which is a short distance into the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area) can be done in a 2x4 vehicle with high ground clearance. If there has been a lot of rain, the river crossings could be a bit of a challenge.

Important things to know before embarking on a trip into the Baviaanskloof:

  • There is NO fuel available in the area so ensure that you fill up in either Willowmore or Patensie.
  • Please ensure that you have a spare wheel in good condition and the necessary tools etc to change a flat tyre on your vehicle.
  • There is NO cell phone reception in the Kloof so make sure that you have downloaded any maps that you might need.
  • There is also NO ATM or credit card facilities, so take enough cash for what you need for your trip.
  • If you’re planning to self-cater in the area, then please stock up with supplies in Willowmore or Patensie.
  • The gates into the Wilderness Area open at 05h00 and close at 16h00. There is a fee involved so please have enough cash to cover this.
  • NO pets are allowed in the Wilderness Area.

Things/places to see.

The Nuwekloof Pass is often termed the “Skyscrapers” of the Baviaanskloof and the towering cliffs are truly a magnificent sight to behold. The road winds its way through this pass alongside the river bed.

Along the way you will encounter “Geraas Krans” (translated Noisy Cliff) which they say derived its name from the vehicles having to hoot to warn other vehicles of their presence on the road. You will also see the Baviaanskloof Sleutel (translated Baviaanskloof Key) which is an overhanging rock with a split through the middle from top to bottom. It gets its name from thoughts that should this rock fall, it would lock the road, preventing access into the Baviaanskloof.

Slowly the road enters the Baviaanskloof farming area which is otherwise referred to as the Baviaanskloof Hartland. This area is known for its hospitality. Accommodation ranges from luxury lodges to campsites as well as from tree houses to caves.

Kamerkloof has a monthly farmers market on the last Saturday of the month – see here for more information

Sewefontein Wild Fig Tree Forest – this is definitely worth the stop to explore. Contact Patrick on 0877010070 to arrange a tour of the natural well and the Wild Fig Forest. There is a lovely picnic spot under the trees with all the facilities needed for a relaxing picnic while in the area. Arrangements need to be made beforehand and Patrick will make sure is ready for your visit.

Baviaanskloof Dutch Reformed Church was the first church to be established in the Baviaanskloof. The original church was built at Kleinpoort but was sadly washed away during the 1916 flood. The church was rebuilt at Gannaland-se-kloof on Zandvlakte in 1918.

A skirmish between the police and a group of Boer rebels took place in the area of Venterklip during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902.

The Campell Monument was erected by the farming community to commemorate the lives lost in the 1916 flood.

4x4 routes, hiking & mountain bike trails

This area also has a number of 4x4 routes that the more adventurous can explore (4x4 needed for most of them).
There are also some lovely hiking trails for the hiking enthusiasts as well as well as mountain biking routes for the more adventurous.

See here for 4x4 routes in the area

See here for hiking trails in the area

See here for MBT in the area

See here for trail runs in the area

Places to eat or buy supplies

Should you want to stop for something to eat which travelling through the Baviaanskloof Hartland, you will find Vero’s Restaurant and Craft Shop. Vero’s offers deliciously fresh roosterkoek with a variety of different fillings. Tea, coffee and cold-drinks are also available here. Contact no 078 343 8182.

BaviJAANS Padstal serves breakfast and light lunches, coffee, tea and milkshakes. Here a traveller can also restock with ice, wood and canned products. Contact no 087 700 3551.

Babes Se Winkel can be found across the road from Kamerkloof. This shop is the only trading store in the heart of the Western Baviaanskloof. The shop is well stocked with fresh produce at reasonable prices giving the traveller the opportunity to stock up on provisions.